Insulation Fasteners, an eCommerce division of TechnoFix Mechanical Fasteners Inc., has specialized in distribution of mechanical fasteners and anchors for exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS), for concrete and exterior walls systems, since 1994.

Our new ecommerce division provide simplified access to our superior quality products to construction industry professional, contractors, builders and residential construction seeking for mechanical fasteners for insulation and finishing systems.

Customer service

In addition to our website that is open for business 24-7, we offer extended, live customer support hours from 8am to 5pm EST, Monday-Friday.  

We also have dedicated Sales Reps offering volume discount to specialized construction products distributor and hardware store.

For more information, please contact our sales representative at 877.563.6995 or by email at

Warranty,Returns and Exchange

Within 30 days of the product purchase date you may return defective products purchased at store for a full refund of the purchased product.
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Our EIFS Fasteners and anchors portfolio

Efficient, durable and easy to use, our plastic anchors are the solution to anyone seeking superior-quality insulation fasteners and finishing systems.


The perfect fasteners to secure insulation panels to a masonry or concrete surface. Plastic Masonry Fasteners (PMF Plastic Nails) with his large 2 ⅜’’ head, provides a firm grip and strong pullout value. TEC Plastics Nails were created to secure insulation panels to concrete or masonry surfaces.

TEC and PMF Plastic nails can be used for fastening expanded polystyrene insulation foam in PB EIFS systems and waterproofing drainage fabrics to concrete, masonry block and other masonry materials like mineral wool to concrete. Made of high-durability polypropylene, plastic masonry fasteners are non-conductive to cold and they won’t rust or corrode, all the right characteristics that provide you with a high-performance mechanical attaching system that eliminates thermal shorts.


Our selection of fasteners plate can be applied in any weather conditions, they won’t rust and eliminates thermal shorts.
Fasten with screws or nails, easy to fix any types of insulating panels on almost any substrates including wood, metal, steel, fiberglass mesh and masonry.
Particularly used by professionals, for insulation work, stucco works and EIFS systems.

Save time and money with our pre-assembled!
Various lengths available with SDC metal screws or WS wood screws.


Fasten insulation panels and wire mesh with the MPF-114 Metal Washer with tabs. Made of galvanized steel for corrosion protection, while the 4 tabs resist washer rotation allowing a free use of your hands. Convenient for multiples substrates, like metal lath, hard coat EIFS and rigid foam insulation.

This fasteners can be screwed, nailed or shot.
Can also be used to fasten kerdi-board panels to wood-frames or metal structure for heating floor installation. The tabs penetrate the board surface and hold them in place during installation.


Easy to install, the PCN anchor has been designed to secure insulation panels and all types of materials with is large 1” head (25 mm).

His twisted shank has been treated against corrosion and give a good pull-out resistance and superior holding powers.

The cheapest solution to install rigid insulation panels, building papers, foam sheathing and poly-film vapor to buildings.