TFP-904 Polypropylene Foam Fastener Washer


2″ (50 mm) Polypropylene washer

2″ (50 mm) inches diameter

Natural color (White)

Quantity per Box : 1000

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Properties :

  • Firmly locks insulation panels
  • Eliminate thermal bridges
  • Adheres to the base coat insulator through the keys
  • Excellent wind-load resistance
  • Finger closures keep the base coat from penetrating the cone
  • Made from polypropylene selected for its resistance to alkalis in cement as well as dryness from the sun

Made of high-durability polypropylene, the TFP-904 washer has been designed to firmly fasten insulation panels to a structure.

They can be applied in any weather conditions and easy to fix any types of insulating panels on almost any substrates including wood, metal, steel, fiberglass mesh and masonry.

Its large 2” diameter (50 mm) and interior cone design greatly increase panel stability. Inserting the screw in the cone allows non-thermal bridging and reduces the risk of fasteners corrosion.

The TFP-904 will work with or without adhesives, and permits the continuation of work immediately after installation with no waiting period.


Set the TFP-904 washer flush with surface. Overdriving washer will damage the washer.



These drawings and spacing patterns are for general information. The specification, design and construction of all EIFS and the installation of insulating panels must comply with local building codes and applicable standards, compliance reports and the individual manufacturer’s system requirements. Only the EIFS manufacturer or design professional can furnish specifications, details, drawings, and construction practices to be followed for the actual construction and use of an EIFS product, and for the compliance with applicable local building codes and construction practices.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 13 in